Nov 6, 2014

No One Talks in Aphorisms, or Why Lord Henry Should Have Died

WARNING: The following post contains spoilers for "The Picture of Dorian Gray." If you are somehow so culturally devoid (or having lived under a rock) you don't know the story of Dorian Gray and would like to remain unspoiled, you should recuse yourself immediately. If however, you've read the tome, are familiar with Dorian's end, or don't fancy reading it at some point in your life (a true mistake IMHO) you may read on. Yes, I'm aware how odd the tone of this is.

Even without having gotten to the fourth chapter, I knew Basil would come to a sticky (or perhaps pointy?) end. I'm sorry for that. He was too curious after all, having gone to visit Dorian one last time. "What a schmuck," I said to myself after he followed Dorian home once he saw him in the street. He should have just taken the uninterrupted wait at Dorian's as a sign to leave and never look back. He would have gone to Paris, become some celebrated painter for a time, then got addicted to absinthe or opium and died in an alley or bathhouse. But the poor sod, the poor lovesick idiot, he just had to chase after Dorian after seeing him on the street. Some people can't leave well-enough alone.

On that cliché bombshell, let's talk about Lord Henry Wotton, or Harry as he was called so frequently. I detest people like Lord Henry, so I refuse to refer to him as such a jovial nickname. Not to mention, if someone was a lord or a person of the peerage, would they let even their friends call them by a nickname, even back then? I'm not sure I suppose John Fitzgerald Kennedy was "Jack" to friends and family, but probably not once he was President of the United States. Be that as it may...

Nov 3, 2014

Sticking To The Plan - It's Not NaNo

Normally around this time (the month of November) I would either be lamenting not starting a NaNoWriMo novel, not being good at doing NaNoWriMo, or not following through on something I've started (probably earlier in the autumn or possibly over the summer). Oddly, I've not done any of those things so far and that's because lately I finish things I start. 

Now I know what you're thinking, especially if you've known me personally for a number of years: That's not possible, Jennifer. You NEVER finish things you start. You never finished karate lessons, tap lessons, viola lessons, learning Mandarin, learning to code, learning how to edit in Final Cut Pro, cleaning your apartment, cleaning your room, ad infinitum. And you'd be right. Except now, it's NOT TRUE.

Nov 2, 2014

Yes, I Have Started Reading - An Update

Seems I've already slacked off in the "one entry a day" department. Have no fear-- I am reading.

Yesterday I had a terrible night's sleep, followed by a five-hour bridal shower afternoon (including a carpool). By the time I returned home, I took a nap and then got to watch two of my shows I'm allowed which both air on Saturday evenings. Today/tonight is similar, except I've a meeting in the middle of the day and three shows to watch later. It looks like my weekends will be for distractions instead of reading (at least until Doctor Who ends for the series).