Apr 4, 2013

The Glass Explorers Need Your Help: Thoughts On Cyberbegging, Collaboration and Causes (BEDA 1)

Disclosure: I am an invited #IfIHadGlass Explorer and I am looking for help with a Glass-related project. Learn more here. This post is part of a larger project called Blog Every Day April, which began in 2009 with author Maureen Johnson. This April, I'm combining BEDA blogs with VEDA vlogs to create something every day. I hope you're inspired by this post to take part.

Look at Glass. A photomosaic was compiled by Jeff Thomas, combining all of the #IfIHadGlass invitees on Twitter.
Even before being invited to become a Google Glass Explorer, I saw folks asking for help online, both financial help to purchase the device/pay for their travel and creative help in developing their ideas. You can call the financial portion fundraising, sponsoring or even cyberbegging. Whatever you call it, Explorers are looking for financial contributions online to first make a purchase and then travel to San Francisco, Los Angeles or New York to pick up that purchase.