Oct 31, 2014

The "Read Like Rory" List - A Comprehensive Construction

Here is a comprehensive list of all the "Read Like Rory" books, i.e. any books or stories that were read, seen, mentioned, quoted, or otherwise referenced in the series Gilmore Girls. This list is complete, unlike other sites' lists, because I've cross referenced it with the Gilmore Girls Wikia (which is not 100% complete), the actual episodes, and the original list provided by The WB in "Rory's Book Club" (a now defunct webpage). For your convenience, the whole list is there (including what I couldn't download yet or find in my personal library) with clear labels as to what I won't be reading and what I would like to read, even if I know the story already. As previously stated, there is absolutely NO WAY I will be reading 300+ books in one month, but it's a jumping off point to becoming well-read. You can also use this list as a Table of Contents, since I will also link to post(s) regarding a book/story here.

Oct 29, 2014

The Announcement and The Challenge

[Adapted from my Facebook post - syndicated to G+ and Twitter.]

It's time to announce the November project!

After doing a full rewatch of Gilmore Girls earlier this month I realized how ridiculously well-read Rory is. Upon further research, it seems the Internet agrees with me. I used to think I was well-read. I mean, I'd read for pleasure, for school, in my spare time, and whenever I got a chance I would go to the local library and spend hours in there. The librarians knew me. But that was when I was a kid. I'd say that after my YA obsession died down a few years ago, so did my reading ability.

Nowadays, it takes me weeks to finish a book -- even smaller ones. All I read are strongly popular books, books written by author friends, and debut novel galleys. I don't like this. I shouldn't be reading a book so I can catch up with a TV show or because a movie is coming out of a book I haven't read. I should read because I want to. Because I love it. I live even closer to the library now and 99% of the time I go in there it's to buy a soda or get change for the bus.