Jan 4, 2013

Why I'm Starting (Yet) Another Blog

UPDATE 2/25: Just want to be clear, when I said I was "leaving social" I meant as a full time community manager or social media marketer. I am still very active in the space and will attend events and use networks personally and professionally. For those who have asked, I'm currently freelancing in PR and I'm interested in working in tech, media, and entertainment. And yes: you can hire me.


The first time was before blogs really existed.

The second time was when online journals were the first social networks.

The third time I wanted to be a big deal.

The fourth time I wanted to let you know about all of my deepest obsessions.

The fifth time I wanted to keep my deepest secrets close and only share them with a few people.

Now... I just want to write.


Hi! First post. Exciting, nervous, altogether daunting. I have no idea what this will become or even what it will be. For now we'll just call it a journal. Things too long to tweet, thoughts not right for vlogs and sentences that run on and on will go here. Basically I'll ramble. You can decide now whether or not you want to keep this in your RSS reader. I won't be upset if you aren't feelin' it.

This will likely be mostly words. I am pretty well known for sharing all but my most private thoughts online. In fact, putting myself on the internet became my gateway drug to getting the internet to work for me. Now that I'm getting ready to take a step back from that world, I think it's time to go into long form writing again. That and it's like...so in right now you guys. /sarcasm

See, I'll probably do that lot. Put something here that will be slightly nerdy or sarcastic where you'll have to ascertain on your own that I'm not being literal. Can you handle that? If you can, I think we'll do just fine.

So, yeah, I am LEAVING SOCIAL!!! I can't do it anymore. I'm so burnt out on startups and dotcoms and apps and shares and buzzwords. Social Media Week (which I just habitually wrote out as SMWNYC but then rewrote as it's actual name because there is a pretty up-there chance you have no idea what an SMWNYC is) is around the corner and I don't even know if I wanna go. I think it was a recent job interviewer (yeah, I'm unemployed again too, surprise!) who said to me, "Honey, I have been in the business since before e-commerce, so you can save the buzzwords for those who give a shit" when I realized it was probably time to stop. I mean, I had gotten SO used to everything that even buzzwords like "transparency" and "engagement" had stopped making sense. I mean, I wasn't even trying not to talk like them anymore. I had given up trying to set myself apart. I became... a sheep. (had became? have become? Grammar was never my thing)

I've been looking back on my resume and trying to sum up what I did in each role and I literally didn't understand a word of my old resume. It made almost no sense. And fuck if it doesn't make sense to me, it's definitely not going to make sense to someone who is expected to read the damn thing. Even though let's be honest, what hiring managers or recruiters are still reading resumes for content? I was hiring interns two years ago and the only things we were looking for were formatting errors and typos. We were not-so-nice, what can I tell you.

Yes. I am headed for a career change. To what, well, I will leave that for another day, but let's just say that it's the only thing I've been doing in the past two years that is fulfilling. Those close to me are supportive and while a few years ago qualifications and fancy pieces of paper would have meant more to me it's the support of people I've learned is what truly matters.

I'll try to keep these simple and to the point. The basic gist is I'm blogging and I really don't care if you read it or not. Leave a comment if you have a question. Otherwise, well, you know what to do.