Nov 2, 2014

Yes, I Have Started Reading - An Update

Seems I've already slacked off in the "one entry a day" department. Have no fear-- I am reading.

Yesterday I had a terrible night's sleep, followed by a five-hour bridal shower afternoon (including a carpool). By the time I returned home, I took a nap and then got to watch two of my shows I'm allowed which both air on Saturday evenings. Today/tonight is similar, except I've a meeting in the middle of the day and three shows to watch later. It looks like my weekends will be for distractions instead of reading (at least until Doctor Who ends for the series).

As you can see, the layout and widgets have been edited. You can see my GoodReads "Currently Reading" books and "Progress Updates" on the right sidebar. I've also added the Table of Contents-like page "Read Like Rory in November" to the top, for easier navigation once there are more entries to the book list. As I said, I'll be adding links to reviews therein.

I've just started "The Picture of Dorian Gray" by Oscar Wilde which I love so far. Yes, I know a lot about the plot: it's hard to watch mixed-bag fantasy films or a certain Showtime horror series where Dorian is featured and not know his secret. That hasn't hurt my enjoyment so far though. I'm excited to meet all the characters from his world. I've always liked Wilde's writing style-- very descriptive, very detailed, and immersive. I prefer stories that are written as if the pen is a paintbrush.

Stay tuned for my review. Hopefully in the next day or so. Happy reading!