Feb 8, 2015

Eat Something You've Never Heard Of, and Other Reasons to Become a Foodspotter - A Review

I've been a Foodspotter since 2010, but I was probably a Foodspotter way before that.

What's a Foodspotter? On the one hand, they take pictures of their food. They did this everywhere, without warning, and at any mealtime. They are amateur food photographers and food stylists, addicts, foodies, food-lovers, and adventurers. On the other hand, they are users of the social network Foodspotting, which also them to do all of the above and save their progress, sharing with their friends their finds and cravings.

I hadn't logged on to my Foodspotting account in a little over two years, but that didn't mean I had stopped taking pictures of my food. With my phone, with my Google Glass, and with my camera - I had a backlog of photos numbering in the hundreds. So, like an idiot, I started to accumulate them in a folder on my desktop. Why am I an idiot? Because it wasn't until weeks later (and many computer screen induced headaches to boot) I would realize I could never let this pile up again.

After starting this compilation, I decided to log into the site, just to see if I had notifications (I did, over 100 to be exact), but that wasn't what struck me. I saw a flag that said "Get the book!" My reaction: "FOODSPOTTING PUT OUT A BOOK?!" Yes, they did. And it's awesome and here's why.